handmade painting

on canvas

€ 100, -

This 3D painting is super cool to surprise someone at their 50th birthday party. Let all your guests have their picture taken with this unique handmade painting and some crazy attributes and you will end up with fantastic and spontaneous photos!
what do you buy?
This painting is made by hand on canvas and consists of two strips of 5 * 1.2 m. The total size of the painting is 5 * 2.4 meters.
The canvas can be attached to the ground with tape.
The cloth has been used once at a party.

specifications painting

Dimensions of the total design: 5 * 2.40 m
Material: Canvas

Parts: 2 strips of canvas 5 * 1.2m
  • The 3D effect can only be seen clearly from the viewing point: about 1.5 meters in front of the canvas exactly in the middle.
  • If necessary, place feet on the ground with stickers or chalk.
  • The canvas is easy to clean with a wet cloth.
  • The canvas is not water resistant.
  • Place the cloth on a flat surface.
  • Can be picked up in Kampen.
  • Product can not be shipped.
  • The above prices include VAT.
  • Refunds after purchase are not possible.