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Special and unique works of art that arise from the leftover paint from all kinds of painting projects. The name says it all: Discard (=discard) + art makes Discart.


The paint trays that are used in a project dry up afterwards and are then used again and again. Until the paint trays are cleaned again and the paint residues are removed.


This process always brings a surprise: what colors will show up on the other side of the dried paint!?


And how cool and sustainable is it to be able to use even the paint residues again for handmade works of art. They are always unique and also affordable!

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Product information

Name Discart:
Shipping costs:
Black watercolor paper 300gr
Artwork without passe-partout 21x23cm
Passe partout inner size 12x12cm
Frame width 25cm
Table height 25cm
Frame height 2cm
IKEA Knoppäng black (without glass/plastic front)
Transparent front is placed loosely on top of the frame
to protect the artwork.
€34.99 incl. VAT
€7.50 incl. VAT (NL only)
Possible in Kampen 8261BL


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