Are you looking for a cool and unique workshop where you also work on team building? Take up the challenge of 3D painting with me. The various options are explained below.


The workshops are possible for companies, individuals and schools, in short, for everyone! For each workshop it is indicated for which age the teaching material is suitable. This material is not taught in schools, so it is new and educational for all ages, inexperienced or experienced artists. Interested in a series of lessons or other teaching materials? Then let us know.

Pay attention! Workshops are only given on location.


Are you interested or do you have questions? Please feel free to contact me, I will be happy to think along with you to give substance to an unforgettable workshop!

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- 3d technique on paper -



This lesson is given in class. You will learn about the history of street drawing, the basics of 3D drawing and what is involved. Age min 12 years.
1 to 3 hours.



The students are all going to put their own illusion of a 3D cube or 3D hole on paper with pencil. I will guide the students every step of the way. In addition to the cube or hole, other shapes are also possible.



Do you want to learn more? Then the workshop can be extanded with a lesson about shadows and use of color. Then, in addition to pencil, we will also work with paint and your cube will pop off your sheet!

- 3d technique INdoor + outdoor -



The theory is taught in class.
You will learn about the history of street drawing, the basics of 3D drawing and what is involved.
Age min 12 years.
2 to 3 hours.



The technique that has been practiced in class on paper, will then be applied outdoors on a large scale. In groups of 3 we will put life-size 3D figures on the ground with chalk.



After this unique workshop you can take a picture with your own 3D drawing!

- colouring 3d picture painting-



This workshop contains less theory. We focus more on the creative side and to achieve a great end result under my guidance. Age min 8 years.
2.5 to 3.5 hours.



The students are going to paint a line drawing. They can choose from different designs: for example a pig, ice cream or a 3D hole in the paper. Everyone gets to work with their own painting.

shade and color


During the workshop, the students will learn something about the use of shadows and color. They will apply this in their own painting.

- life-size 3d painting -



In consultation I will make a design for a 3D painting in advance. Before the workshop I will lay out this design on the ground with lines. The level of the students will be taken into account in the design.



In a group of maximum 4 students we will transform the line drawing into a full 3D illusion painting with acrylic or tempera paint.
Age min 12 years. 3.5 to 4 hours.



At the end of the workshop there will be a super cool result and of course we will only take a picture with you!