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Something to celebrate? Then a caricature is a comical way to pamper someone as well. Fill the whole neighborhood with funny caricatures for an Abraham or Sarah. Do you dare to have your character traits put on paper?


A caricature can be drawn on paper or digitally. Do you want more? Then have your digital caricature printed on a mug, bag or, for example, t-shirt.


On this page you will find the different works that I have made and information about my working method.


Are you interested or do you have questions? Please feel free to contact me, and I will gladly help you think about a funny design!

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On paper
Digital file
A4 Line drawing
A4 Grayscale
A4 color
A3 Line drawing
A3 Grayscale
A3 Color
Line drawing


€40, -
€55, -
€65, -
€50, -
€65, -
€75, -
€55, -
€70, -
€80, -
The caricature can be expanded with the following options:
Refunds after purchase are not possible
Caricatures are shipped in a tube
Head + body
Head + body + hobbies
Head + body +
hobbies + background
Extra person on
the same sheet
+ € 10, -
+ € 15, -
+ € 20, -
+ 75% of the total price
of the first person
Depends on the
shipping address
Shipping costs



Send a caricature request by email or the online request form and indicate which specifications you choose (see price list above).



Make sure the photos are of high quality. I prefer to receive multiple photos and also a photo of the side view of the face. And don't forget a photo where the person in question is smiling!



A caricature is shipped safely in a sturdy tube. Sending a digital caricature is of course completely free of shipping charge.
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