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Game of stairs


€ 545, -

This retro design immediately stands out at your party or event. Walk the stairs or step on the floating beams. But be careful not to break the beam, you will fall into the deep hole!
Have your visitors or guests have their picture taken with funny attributes and your photos will be even more hilarious!
what do you buy?
You will receive the digital file for € 545. With this digital file you can go to a printer to have it printed on, for example, PVC or sticker material. This file may be printed once. If you would like to have multiple prints printed, take a look at the heading below ''reprint fee''.
Do you want to be completely unburdened? Then you can also choose to have the file delivered to your home printed on canvas, take a look at the heading "canvas home delivery".
Specifications file
File size: 502cm * 302cm
File format: .PDF / .PSD / .PNG
Resolution: 150 DPI
Colors: CMYK
Reprint Fee
Pay attention! For the above amount, the file may be printed once. You can of course use the cloth as often as you want! If you want to print the file more often, a reprint fee of 20% of the purchase price will be charged for each additional print.
That comes down to € 109 extra per print.
Example: If you want to print this file 3x, the total costs are € 763.
home delivery
Would you rather be completely unburdened?
I will have the file printed on PVC 510gr / m2 material and delivered to your home. This material is often used for outdoor banners and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. This material is easy to clean with a mop.
The PVC can be delivered in NL (€220,-)
BE, LU, DE, FR, ES, DK, AT, FI, SE (€250,-)
€ 20, -
Would you like to fix the painting in the ground with hooks? Then you can choose different finishes such as:
  • Hems and rings on the corners
  • Hems and rings every 30cm
  • Hems and rings every 50cm
Hooks are not included.
Additional information
  • The 3D effect can only be seen clearly from the viewing point: about 1.5 meters in front of the canvas exactly in the middle.
  • If necessary, place feet on the ground with stickers or chalk.
  • Place the PVC on a flat surface.
  • Refunds after purchase are not possible.
  • The above prices include VAT.
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